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Subject:2 rollover AAPI's
Time:03:24 pm
So Wednesday morning I'm in my nursing outfit just getting ready to head out the door when I get toned for a 2 car AAPI w/ 3 injuries.

Since this call involves Immediate Danger to Life/Health (IDLH), I speed dial the instructors office, give a SITREP and say I'm going to be late.

Zip down to the firehouse, gear up, on the truck and away we go.

Roll up on the scene. 2 cars of dumb kids driving too fast on early morning icy roads. Nobody in immediate danger of dying.

Traffic control, paperwork. Squad throws the injured in a bus and takes them to the hospital Thats a very important point. Remember it.

We clear the scene, call back in service and go back the firehouse.

We're just backing in when we get toned for a second call. AA possible PI one occupant with entrapment rollover.

I'm yelling out the cab door of the truck for the dismounted guys to remount because we're rolling NOW, NOW, NOW!

Out of the firehouse, off the apron, make a left and a few hundred yards away up a hill we see some commotion.

We roll up. White Chevy Blazer on it's roof with a pair of legs sticking out the drivers side rear window.

Now here's the important thing: the squad is still enroute transporting from the last call. Normally they arrive first. They're not here. We're first. --I'm-- first.

Off the truck and running to the vehicle. Legs belong to helpful bystander. He backs out and I crawl into the vehicle.

Driver is pinned with her head stuck between the ceiling (which is now the floor) and the top of the passenger front headrest. Left ankle wedged up under the dash. I go into the usual "Hi, I'm...from....we're going to.... etc". She says she's not hurt and a quick assessment -seems- to confirm this.

I tell her I'll be back and crawl out the window. One of the other guys comes by and we get to the Heavy Rescue rig and start pulling out cribbing.

She can't go to the hospital until we extricate. We can't extricate until we render the vehicle safe/stable.

While we start chocking and stabilizing the vehicle I talk to the chief. I think we can get her out but a wise course of action is to call our mutual aid company and have them respond with airbags, ResQ-Jaks and Jaws. I don't think we'll need them but if we do, they'll be there. Remember....you can --ALWAYS-- send units back if you don't need them, but you can't just reach up your ass and pull out an extra company if you need one NOW.

Squad shows up and we all pile in. Power is still on and we're able to manipulate the seat to get the woman free. Backboard. Everyone drags, then lifts. On the bus and away she goes. The helicopter is taken off standby (protocol is entrapment always puts aircraft on standby).

So it went well. In 5 years thats the first time I ever used our cribbing in a real life call.

And then today rolls around.

I'm doing schoolwork and get toned.

Off I go. Right turn, firehouse, park the car, hide the keys. -1 truck on the apron awaiting crew, Rescue -9 also waiting. I run in the building and hear a radio broadcast over my pager saying to jump in -9, -1's awaiting a crew. Grab my gear, hop in and away we go.

Not as dramatic as Wednesday. 1993 Jeep Suburban-type vehicle on it's side. Squads there inside already working on one one guy. Again, we stabilize the vehicle. Cops are there.

Story I'm getting is that the driver and passenger had done some heroin and that driver passed out causing vehicle to mount an embankment (no shoulder) and roll.

I did not get a good look at the drivers injuries but we had mutual aid set up an LZ in the town park and he was airlifted from there. Sheriffs office wanted to secure the scene so we turned it over to them. I heard them say they were going to have accicent reconstruction come out. They usually only do that on fatals, so I'm guessing the driver is 50/50.

The passenger was just standing around on the shoulder, hopping around and playing with his crotch an awful lot. I believe they have a few questions for him. :)

They'll probably tone us out again when the wrecker shows up to collect the vehicle, as there were a lot of fluids and such around and we usually have to be there when they load the vehicle, in case something goes bad.

I have pictures, but they need to be developed.

For now, back on line trying to learn more about intracranial hemorrhaging and it's role in quadraplegia.
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[icon] 2 rollover AAPI's - Fire Services
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